Voxel sandbox now in the Marketplace

Hey I am so happy to announce that plugin previously available on Sellfy went through long approval process and now, with few improvements got to the Marketplace.
This means anyone who couldn’t for some reason purchase the plugin can do it now directly from Epic Game Marketplace!

Free resources coming to MP

Hey, I submitted to the marketplace two plugins.
As a result, they are available to download for free.
HEX Blocks BP vs CPP – something for the new comers to learn parallely blueprints and code.
Directional gravity plugin – planet gravity for your game!


GameJam November – Dimensional Lift

Hey, durning November I decided to create new prototype for one of Game Jams. I did my best during three weeks so result is very promissing. I created short puzzle game Dimensional Lift where mixing realities is a way to solve logic puzzles.

You can check this out and play for free here: https://tefel.itch.io/dimensional-lift

Bitmasks, bitwise operations, bit logic

Hey, I created new tutorial on YouTube presenting how to define and use Bitmasks in Unreal Engine 4. Showing how useful can be and how to mix them in order to define extra properties and relations 1 to N. Start using bit flags (masks) instead of many booleans which can be harder to setup if project is growing.


1000 free vector graphics, glyphs & icons

If you ever wondered if Unreal Engine is capable of showing Glyphs or any type of popular HTML vector graphics, answer is yes.
Because of lossless quality any size can be used without worries about resolution etc.
Simply there is no easier way of prototyping or even creating game with simplistic UI than just using Vector Graphics.
Even Epic Games havily rely on Glyphs usage. You may want to check EditorFontGlyphs.h  in the Engine.

class EDITORSTYLE_API FEditorFontGlyphs

// http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icon/500px/
static FText _500Px;

// (contrast) http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icon/adjust/
static FText Adjust;

// http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icon/adn/
static FText Adn;

// (middle, text) http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icon/align-center/
static FText Align_Center;


In the following tutorial I am showing how you can simply use many types of popular glyphs in your game for free!

Cheatsheet which can be used in your game:

If you want a simpler way of using vector graphics in your game instead of using unicode value or glyph itself, no worries.

I am preparing a big update for TemplatesUMG where new type of widget is just using Glyph icons which can be selected from the list of 1000 icons!!

Stay tuned!

Mission & Objectives in Marketplace

Hey! Finally after a very long approval process, plugin which provides simple and powerful tool for designing missions is in the Marketplace.
It extends to the limits UE4 Editor redefining all nodes and visuals for Graph and also providing new types of assets.

Marketplace link