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Maps & Miniamps is robust slate rendering system. Ready to use in any type of games like RPG, RTS, FPS. Movable, stationary camera, tracking system, categories for items and quests, render or graphic backgrounds. Very well optimized! Easy to use!

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  • Editor plugin and content + example project
  • Simple setup with interfaces
  • Drawing elements on canvas – high performance
  • Example maps RTS, RPG, FPS, Indoor, Green
  • Categories of minimap objects
  • Response to minimap clicks
  • Resizing minimap on Scrollbar (default, step, min, max)
  • 4 types of backgrounds: rendering / textures
  • Switching between small map and big map
  • Mask from retainer box allows making custom shapes (circle, rounded, oval ect.)
  • Rotatably and stationary mode
  • Textures, meshes, widgets, maps making plugin complete

Short statistics:

  • 5 example maps for different modes like RTS, RPG, FPS…
  • 5+ blueprints and code
  • 10+ Widgets
  • 20+ UI elements
  • 20+ Meshes



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