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Astro Colony Map System

I was working on procedurally generated Universe. It’s obvious that you cannot show everything at once to the player (like chunks in Minecraft). There is observable Universe in AstroColony which shows new planetoids, it’s size, resources and biome type. All at your fingertips.

MRPG Inventory 2.0

MRPG Inventory plugin got massive update. If you got it already you can update it from the Marketplace. It offers Online Services being integrated into your game:

  • registration, login, password reset
  • profile, avatar, progression
  • online store and inventory
  • friends and communication
  • transactions with virtual currency and your credit card
  • full Server – Client integration for in game transactions (global vendors with Virtual and real currency)
  • new examples with polished look and improved server-client mechanics.

GameJam November – Dimensional Lift

Hey, durning November I decided to create new prototype for one of Game Jams. I did my best during three weeks so result is very promissing. I created short puzzle game Dimensional Lift where mixing realities is a way to solve logic puzzles.

You can check this out and play for free here: https://tefel.itch.io/dimensional-lift

Bitmasks, bitwise operations, bit logic

Hey, I created new tutorial on YouTube presenting how to define and use Bitmasks in Unreal Engine 4. Showing how useful can be and how to mix them in order to define extra properties and relations 1 to N. Start using bit flags (masks) instead of many booleans which can be harder to setup if project is growing.


Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives adds powerful Node Editor designer for Missions and objectives. Robust solution provides parallel quests, notifications, history and log.


Exposed delegates proves flexibility of every solution. Five of different approaches shows how useful it can be in any time.

  • Mission start / complete notification
  • Narration widget to show story line and dialogues
  • Objectives list showed on the edge of the screen (list of currently active objectives)
  • Missions LOG where mission history can be checked, Ongoing, Succeeded, Failed and all details
  • Single objective prompt to show whenever we did something right

Supported features:

  • Support for parallel missions being active at the same time
  • Multiple quest endings depending on choices
  • Multiplayer and replication
  • Scripted actions can be trigger at any moment (state) – on active, on complete
  • Robust widget systems to present VIEW – five different ways of communication
  • Demo levels with predefined missions
  • Character, obstacles, collectables, mission library and much more


  • Two types of new assets (Mission, Scripted Action)
  • Five widget systems (Mission Prompt, Missions Log, Objective Prompt, Objective List, Log)
  • Two example levels with easy to follow scripted missions
  • Character setup
  • 12 textures
  • 12 materials
  • Additional world objects

Mission & Objectives in Marketplace

Hey! Finally after a very long approval process, plugin which provides simple and powerful tool for designing missions is in the Marketplace.
It extends to the limits UE4 Editor redefining all nodes and visuals for Graph and also providing new types of assets.

Marketplace link

Welcome UE4 devs!

Hello fellow Unreal Engine 4 programmers!
I have very good news for all of you! I am starting blog where I will share tips from programming & development process. If you don’t know who am I, you may want to start from this short introduction about me.
Still after few years I am strictly involved with Unreal community, writing plugins and extensions for Unreal Engine. I work in the industry and spend my free time on expanding my programming horizons.

If you don’t know where to start you can simply check my youtube channel, there are multiple tutorials and guides.
For example this tutorial about basic physics in UE4 and setting character to interact with world objects.

this i just one example of hundreds  videos about UE4 I have recorded in past four years.

Please enjoy exploring programming and games creation.
If you have any concerns about working prototypes or you want to ask something don’t hesitate and use Contact form.

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