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Try Astro Colony during Steam Next

Astro Colony is participating in the Summer Next Fest on Steam starting on the 13th of June!
Everybody will have access to the demo, available on our Steam Page, and will be playable throughout the event.

Unreal Engine 5 is out!

The wait is over — after almost a year being in Early Access, UE5 is finally available to download! 
Check the new example project Lyra and The Matrix Awakens!

There are many new features like Lumen and Nanite, but also greatly improved environment, a redesigned Unreal Editor, better performance, artist-friendly animation tools, an extended mesh creation and editing toolset, improved path tracing, and much more. See the documentation for full details.

Astro Colony Map System

I was working on procedurally generated Universe. It’s obvious that you cannot show everything at once to the player (like chunks in Minecraft). There is observable Universe in AstroColony which shows new planetoids, it’s size, resources and biome type. All at your fingertips.

MRPG Inventory 2.0

MRPG Inventory plugin got massive update. If you got it already you can update it from the Marketplace. It offers Online Services being integrated into your game:

  • registration, login, password reset
  • profile, avatar, progression
  • online store and inventory
  • friends and communication
  • transactions with virtual currency and your credit card
  • full Server – Client integration for in game transactions (global vendors with Virtual and real currency)
  • new examples with polished look and improved server-client mechanics.
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