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HexBlocks – Code vs Blueprint

HexBlocks Unreal Blueprint vs Code CPP

This article presents free project where whole game is implemented twice: in blueprints and in code.
It is the best source for learning basics of Unreal Engine scripting language or code programming in case you know already Blueprints well enough.


Download Link:

HexBlocks – Code vs Blueprints

4 thoughts on “HexBlocks – Code vs Blueprint

  1. Wow this is really good. I don’t know how to code and doing everything in Blueprints, but this shows me how to convert my stuff to code. I wish there is also documentation attached but even without it is easy to understand. Do you think is worth to learn code or I should only work with Blueprints?

  2. Hey Dimitri, thanks for comment. It all depends if you want to create advanced project with replication and looking forward into future or you want to focus on simple projects which can be completely created in BP.

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