Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives adds powerful Node Editor designer for Missions and objectives. Robust solution provides parallel quests, notifications, history and log.


Exposed delegates proves flexibility of every solution. Five of different approaches shows how useful it can be in any time.

  • Mission start / complete notification
  • Narration widget to show story line and dialogues
  • Objectives list showed on the edge of the screen (list of currently active objectives)
  • Missions LOG where mission history can be checked, Ongoing, Succeeded, Failed and all details
  • Single objective prompt to show whenever we did something right

Supported features:

  • Support for parallel missions being active at the same time
  • Multiple quest endings depending on choices
  • Multiplayer and replication
  • Scripted actions can be trigger at any moment (state) – on active, on complete
  • Robust widget systems to present VIEW – five different ways of communication
  • Demo levels with predefined missions
  • Character, obstacles, collectables, mission library and much more


  • Two types of new assets (Mission, Scripted Action)
  • Five widget systems (Mission Prompt, Missions Log, Objective Prompt, Objective List, Log)
  • Two example levels with easy to follow scripted missions
  • Character setup
  • 12 textures
  • 12 materials
  • Additional world objects

Multiplayer RPG Inventory System

Multiplayer RPG Inventory System is great for Client-Server or Single player games, supporting picking-up, equipping, transferring, replacing, stacking, and dragging-dropping items.

Support thread


  • fully supported Multiplayer!
  • picked up items moved to the Inventory
  • move items between slots in one Container or a slot in another Container
  • move items from Slots to Containers (not a slot)
  • replacing non-stack-able items
  • stacking stack-able items
  • highlight for available Slots and Containers!
  • drag and drop functionality
  • fully supported pickup system
  • checking items with LineTraceByChannel
  • mouse over text on pick-able objects when specific distances are reached
  • outline effect for Items
  • attachments for the character

Short statistics:

  • components = 5
  • structures = 4
  • widgets = 8
  • other Blueprints = 12
  • materials = 42
  • items = 33
  • textures = 38

Unreal Voxel Sandbox

Voxel Sandbox ToolKit provides a starting point for developing or prototyping a Voxel-based Sandbox game like Minecraft, Cube World, Planets3 or Forge Quest.
Saving you weeks of work, it lets you concentrate on what makes your game unique!

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  • All source code included
  • C++ World generation is small (only 4 files) with a good performance and logic easy to understand.
  • Small C++ system for finding .sav files – simplicity one file = one map = one save
  • Rest things are in blueprints so it is so easy to modify like chaning voxel size, textures, effects, post process, sky, items etc.
  • Character (3d weapons and attack / up-down animation)
  • UMG (main menu, game menu, interactive cursor, item bar, inventory)
  • C++ Loading Game (slate)
  • Blueprints – pickup
  • more than 50 audio files

In addition:

  • particle effects: falling leaves, flower pollen, birds
  • material effects: wind effect (leaves | grass | flowers), 3d noises (sand | stones)
  • instanced meshes: 4x flower, grass, mushroom
  • BSP creation – items, mushroom
  • fall damage
  • improved FoV
  • polished sky
  • new ambient occlusion

Asset Assistant

Asset assistant provides multiple asset functionalities – bulk duplicate, rename, edit, new autosave system, easy TArray, recovery for assets, cleaning project tools!

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List of Features:

  • TArray management – multi selection, removing, adding, filtering, cleaning
  • Finding, selecting, renaming, saving, opening, removing, converting, duplicating multiple files
  • Editor plugin
  • Improvement workflow with multiple assets and windows
  • Gathering files from different sources – Content Borwser, opened windows, clipboard list, detailed search
  • Operating on assets result – clearing unselected/selected, filtering, appending
  • Saving list into set, recovering set, exporting result to List or TArray
  • Autosave for assets, recover session (assets / opened windows)

All Maps Minimaps

Maps & Miniamps is robust slate rendering system. Ready to use in any type of games like RPG, RTS, FPS. Movable, stationary camera, tracking system, categories for items and quests, render or graphic backgrounds. Very well optimized! Easy to use!

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  • Editor plugin and content + example project
  • Simple setup with interfaces
  • Drawing elements on canvas – high performance
  • Example maps RTS, RPG, FPS, Indoor, Green
  • Categories of minimap objects
  • Response to minimap clicks
  • Resizing minimap on Scrollbar (default, step, min, max)
  • 4 types of backgrounds: rendering / textures
  • Switching between small map and big map
  • Mask from retainer box allows making custom shapes (circle, rounded, oval ect.)
  • Rotatably and stationary mode
  • Textures, meshes, widgets, maps making plugin complete

Short statistics:

  • 5 example maps for different modes like RTS, RPG, FPS…
  • 5+ blueprints and code
  • 10+ Widgets
  • 20+ UI elements
  • 20+ Meshes

UMG Templates

Plugin exposes and adds new Widgets which can be used in your project. It also defines styles in base User classes which can be use as simple widgets. These two styles (templates) are available and ready to use.

Styles defined in templates Wood and Gray.

Support thread

Custom widget list:

  • AdvButton
  • RadioButtonLine
  • CheckBoxesLine
  • ToogleButtonsLine
  • InputField
  • AdvMultiselectList
  • AdvComboboxString
  • MultiselectList
  • AdvCheckBox
  • ContentDirectoryTree
  • AdvSpinBox
  • RichTextBox
  • ContentTree
  • ColorPicker
  • ColorWheel

Default Widgets:

  • DefaultTextBlock
  • Default2DSlider
  • DefaultAdvButton
  • DefaultAdvCheckBox
  • DefaultCheckBoxesLine
  • DefaultComboBoxString
  • DefaultInputField
  • DefaultMultilineEditableTextBox
  • DefaultProgressBar
  • DefaultRadioButtonsLine
  • DefaultSlider
  • DefaultSpinBox