About me

Hello everyone! Hello World!
I am Lukasz “Tefel” Czarnecki polish guy who lives currently in London.


I started working with Unreal Engine when 4.3 version came out. I just realized that is more than 4 years! Since then I created a lot of Blueprint prototypes and working in AAA studios for more than 2,5 year now. You can check my first youtube videos from September 2014 😉

So where I work?

Splash Damage in London (United Kingdom)

Splash Damage

Before I was working also with Unreal Engine 4 but in completely different place:

Aesir Interactive in Munich (Germany)

Aesir Interactive Munich
I wonder if you can find me on this photo 😀

So I love creating games, developers community and Unreal Engine 4 itself (yes I also like Blueprints 😉 ).

Before programming…

Starcraft 2

That’s sounds a little bit ridiculous but I was professional Starcraft 2 player and Team Dignitas member.
There was so many tournaments online and offline where I participated. If you want to find out more you can just check liquipedia page.

I remember my first big Starcraft 2 event in New York city in 2012

MLG Pro Circut
MLG Pro Circut – NYC – Grubby
Gamers Assembly - Paris
Gamers Assembly – Paris
Intel Extreme Masters - Katowice
Intel Extreme Masters – Katowice

Because many people know me as Tefel I am still using this nickname even if I am developer.

I hope you liked my short story.
Now I let you check more programming stuff on this blog!

Cheers, good luck and have fun in your programming adventure!